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Bridges to Inclusion



Health Energy Learning Motivation thru Sports is a collaboration of 12 agencies supporting individuals with intellectual disabilities and the YMCAs of Quinte West/Belleville/Peterborough.  The purpose is to provide people with intellectual disabilities an opportunity to experience community sports activities in an inclusive manner.  This is accomplished through cooperation between the HELMS Steering Committee and the various community sports organizations.

This is not a funded program.   The program operates using monies from grants, fundraising activities, agency  contributions, and community donations.

The HELMS Program supports the beliefs that:

* every person should have the opportunity to participate in sports that may enrich their lives;

* every person can achieve a healthier life style through participation in sports;

* every person can become more proficient in sports;

* every person can participate more fully in the life of their community through sports activities.


Through participation in the HELMS Program, people with an intellectual disability are able to:

1. achieve improved overall health, fitness and satisfaction levels

2.   strengthen their knowledge of what constitutes a healthy life style

3. increase their motivation and understanding of sports and/or physical activities available to them

4.  increase natural connections to the community


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